Regional Topographic Database (DBT)

To check the state of implementation of the regional Topographic Database (DBT), constructed through the re-elaboration and mosaic of the municipal Topographic Databases, you can access the following links:

  • one TABLE in which the following data are inserted: ISTAT code - Name of the Municipality - Province - Type of project - Availability of the DBT - Content - Year of survey/update - Administrative History - Project name - Unique proposer - Funding year - Date of inclusion in the Regional DBT;
  • one MAP which shows the state of progress of the DBT for each Lombard Municipality, in which three stages are distinguished: complete DBT (themed in green) - DBT in the course of completion (thematized in gray) - mixed DBT (in the municipalities that have merged to start from 2010 the DBT is composed of a complete and a simplified part) produced from 2008 to 2012 (themed in orange).
DbT in progress

For DBT in progress (listed at this link) an "alternative cartographic base" was published (viewable and downloadable from the Geoportal as the rest of the DBT), which is not a DBT, but can be used for planning activities.

Access to the regional Topographical Database (DBT)
The Regional Topographic Database (DBT), is the geographical base of reference for the Regional Territorial Information System and for local systems. The contents correspond almost entirely to those of technical cartography. The organization in "geodatabase" format allows the interrogation and re-elaboration of territorial data useful for the management and planning of the territory.