Structure for the Territorial Information of Region Lombardy

The structure for the Territorial Information of Lombardy is the whole of policies, agreements, technologies, data and people that make possible to access the collected and treated territorial information to share and to efficiently use the aquired knowledges.
The structure publishes in Internet the data provided by the organizations which participate to this initiative and provides geographic services to both public and private users.
This access door to the wide legacy of Lombardy territorial information presents on-line the most commonly used geographic reference bases (technical cartography, aerial pics, satellite images...) together with different theme information bases (land use, territorial planning, structures...).
Currently, the services provided include: a geographic information display which allows maps building with different overlapping information layers; a data and geographic services catalog referring to the Lombardy territory; a download service allowing the free dowload of some data banks.
A procedure made by different phases is needed to build the transportation structures, and an analogous procedure is needed to build the Territorial Information structure. This procedure starts from the need of different organizations to plan and to manage the territory using organized, up-to-date and easy to use geographic information. The procedure then aims to set up a geographic services system able to share the information provided by different sources, and to make this information easily available to every user. The structure, coordinated by Region Lombardy, involves the active participation of local Pas and of every organization that are interested to the elaboration and the diffusion of the geographic information of our territory.