The course lasts about 1 hour, is structured in 4 modules and no registration is required to follow it. The first module describes: the structure of the topographic database, the types of information contained, the differences compared to a numerical map. In the second module the contents of the regional DbT according to the "stratum" and "theme" organization. The third module illustrates how to use the data available in the Geoportal's DbT through a series of practical simulations. In the fourth module, at the end of the course, two interactive practical exercises are proposed. This course is aimed only at the personnel of the Public Administrations, in particular to the officials of the technical area of ​​the Lombard Municipalities - subsequently participation will also be extended to professionals, in collaboration with the professional registers / orders. The initiative is an opportunity to qualify / strengthen their digital skills in the GIS field, by trying their hand at the use of DBT. The course is completely free (funded with POR FSE 2014-2020 resources), is entirely online (platform for distance learning for RL) and is "asynchronous", meaning the lessons can be followed at any time: the training modules they will be usable from October 2020 to May 2021.
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