Download Geographic Data

In download services there are available databases in raster format or in vector format.

Vector data: they consist of simple elements such as points, lines and polygons, encoded and stored on the basis of their coordinates. Each element is associated with an alphanumerical database record containing all the attributes of the represented object.

Raster Data: they are composed by matrices of pixels (a pixel can be called "cell"), generally of square or rectangular shape. Pixel size, generally expressed in the same unit of map (centimeters, meters etc.), is strictly related to data precision.


Geographic database are in compressed files (.zip), containing shapefiles for vector data and TIFF or IMG or GRID ESRI files for raster data.

Each file is expressed in the projected coordinate system UTM32N, referred to the geodetic reference system WGS84 (EPSG code: 32632).


With reference to representation scale used for Lombardy Region data, this system, WGS84, can be assimilated, with a negligible margin of error, to the National Geodetic System ETRF2000. This is the fulfillment of European system ETRS 1989, that the national law "Decreto della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri del 10 novembre 2011, -Adozione del Sistema di riferimento geodetico nazionale (Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 48 del 27/02/2012 - Supplemento ordinario n. 37)", identified as national reference standard.

The user can download file selecting from database catalogue, with a choice on pre-clipped areas immediately available as .zip files: "full database" – intera banca dati" – "Comunità Montane", "Province/Città Metropolitana".

If user has specific requirements, "Download on request" is available; this function is activated only for databases of "full database". In this case, request will be completed with a consecutive reprocessing that will make available requested file through an e-mail for the user.  

Only for Regional Technical Map, pre-defined files match with raster "Regional Technical Map sections". Each section is contained in a ready-made compressed file (.zip), including an area of 50 Km high and 80 Km large and characterized by a code and represented place name. File can be selected in a sections list or writing municipality name or Section name. If a graphic selection of sections is preferred, it is possible using this map.